December 31, 2008

More reading, around the world

I intend to spend some time reading books about various world regions over the winter break (since I am teaching World Regional Geography, TWO sections, this spring).

Tops on my list to find is stuff by 2008 Nobelist J-M G. Le Clezio. He is Mauritian-French, grew up in the desert as well as in Nice. His breakthrough was with "Desert" in 1980 - a lost culture in the North African desert, seeing Europe as unwanted immigrants.

Also he is atuned to ecology - see Terra Amata, The Book of Flights, War and The Giants. He tells his father's story in L'Africain (2004).

Alas, his recent notoriety (hey, just learned how to spell THAT!) means that his books are checked out from both library networks I belong to, and the hold lists are long. Someday...

Also when the library eventually re-opens after these pesky holidays, I will be reading about the Middle East and about the American drive to conquer the continent.

My ability to blog here may be ending soon, as I expect not to have UMN library access anymore. I'll have to figure out a new blog, which will probably be about higher education.

Posted by otto0114 at December 31, 2008 3:51 PM