December 31, 2008

reading, pedagogy

One of the blogs or fora I recently read suggested Discussion as a way of teaching by S. Brookfield and S. Preskill, as an excellent resource.

Leading discussions with my crickets is hard - I could use some help. I usually internally condemn them as not having read the work, but actually I think some of them DO read, yet are afraid to speak. A radical geographer acquaintance attributes this to the class struggle - they are uncomfortable in college; have not been stars in high school; are insecure about their thinking and potential for intellectual success.

He is so much more charitable than I. Yet I am not convinced that it's my job to be a confidence-builder. Yet, to get the level of dialogue I want, perhaps it is all part of my work.

Posted by otto0114 at December 31, 2008 4:01 PM