January 5, 2009

reading and writing and even thinking

Sick again with the second cold of the season - but that's a good enough excuse to eat junk food and loll around the house reading and computing. I am reading an overly technical history of Silicon Valley for which a book review is due at the end of February, and I'm struggling with job applications again.

I soooo despise praising myself in cover letters. Look at me! I'm so great! Hire me! I'm the best at EVERYTHING (since you don't say what you are really looking for).

When I get really mired in some terrible sentence, I try to step back and try to be myself rather than shape-shift into what I think they are looking for. "To thine own self be true."

That doesn't usually work, so sometimes I have to pretend I'm someone else writing about me. But then my pronouns get all mixed up!

The upside to all this (which otherwise feels like a waste of perfectly decent winter break reading time) is that I have had to think seriously about my research "plan" and even if I am writing in a highly incoherent way about it (and trust me, I am) at least I am THINKING about it in productive ways.

Enjoying blogging again. Thinking of making time for it this spring semester.

Posted by otto0114 at January 5, 2009 8:28 PM