January 11, 2009

de-Christmased and re-caffeinated

We spent the day getting rid of the traces of Christmas past: tree; decorations; leftover cookies; stray stocking stuffers that never got put away. I ironed all the linens from Christmas Eve. They've been sitting in a big pile - as ironing is NEVER a priority around here.

Lots of vacuuming - the tree was on its way to being a fire hazard. We stuck it in the snowbank out front that we made from the 4-5" of snow today.

Our coffeemaker died just after Christmas, and apparently Braun doesn't make our model anymore. Damn them! The department stores are mostly all sold out of anything decent - only the el cheapo and the very high-end models left after the holiday rush. (Apparently a coffeemaker is a common gift??) We've been limping along with an improv thingy in which we use boiling water from the teapot and run it through the coffeemaker's filter basket, but then part of the filter basket self-destructed and we can't get the timing quite right. Too quick, and the coffee is weak; too slow and it is too strong or bitter.

I've been trying to think where the old espresso maker was - and finally found it today in with some other kitchen stuff in a plastic bin in the garage. We hardly ever used it, but just cleaned it up and made some AWESOME coffee. I feel much better about life. Buon giorno, uno caffe americano, per favore! Only 8 weeks til Firenze! I am going to try to study just a little Italian every day to see if I can bring back some basic vocabulary and grammar. Ciao!

Posted by otto0114 at January 11, 2009 7:55 PM