July 17, 2008

Mountain Lakes NJ planned community

Mountain Lakes NJ was a planned community designed by engineer Lewis Van Duyne and built by developer Melvin Hapgood. See http://www.mtnlakes.org/History/. The community is referenced in an article about an otherwise ostentatious home in Montclair NJ designed by architect and prez of the NJAIA Seth A. Leeb that appeared in the New York Times on July 6, 2008. Leeb apparently has done a lot of work in Mt. Lakes.

(A 7,000-SF luxury home listed at $3.5 million on the site of a teardown is NOT a green endeavor, no matter what sort of spin the architect and builder are using to get some buzz for the property.)

I wonder if anyone has written about this community as a planned development? It's easy to envision the utopian world if you can start with a blank slate: creating healthy and vibrant communities from what exists is a great deal more challenging! And the utopian fantasy is well-traveled ground in academe. Still....

Posted by otto0114 at 9:26 AM