May 16, 2005

books I may want to read

I'm returning piles of stuff to the library. Here are some that I should maybe get back to.
Claus Offe, Modernity and the State, East, West. MIT Press, 1996. Collection of essays about poli ec of eastern Europe. Part 1 has two essays on modernity - one on Weberian ideas of liberty, the other on civil society.

David Herbert and Colin Thomas. 1990. Cities in space, city as place. Not sure why I borrowed this. It's sort of like an English textbook for urban geography. If I need that infill, I can come back to it, esp Ch 1 on urban geog, Ch 2 on emergence of urban forms, Ch 5 theories of the city. There might be other, better ways to get this information.

Then there's the Faludi Reader in Planning Theory. It has the Davidoff essay but otherwise seems a little dated.

Planning Theory in the 1980s. Burchell and Steinleib, eds. 1978. Again, too old; I need to read newer literatures.

Theories of urban politics, Judge, Stoker and Wolman, eds. 1995. Useful chaps on urban social movements (Fainstein and Hirst) and regulation theory, post-Fordism and urban politics (Joe Painter). JS 78 T54 1995.

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