June 7, 2006

more to read on representing the past

These notes are from the bibliog of Handler and Gable's book on Colonial Wmsburg.

Benedict Anderson. 1991. Imagined communities: reflections on the origin and spread of nationalism.
We referenced this in Geog 3161 - it might be helpful in assessing how NH is or could be constructed as a national myth of overthrowing communism. (Which reminds me: I have to do a digest of the 1980s NH history to be clear on the events and the people.)

Robert Bellah et al. 1985. Habits of the heart: individualism and commitment in American life. Less impt for the immediate project, but I like the concept of a community of memory and want to know more about it.

Susan Porter Benson et al. ed 1986. Presenting the past: essays on history and the public.

Jo Blatti, ed. 1987. Past meets present: essays about historic interpretation and public audience. Seems very similar to Benson's. Not in MNCAT.
?Dean MacCannell. 1976. The tourist: a new theory of the leisure class. This is old but MacCannell gets cited a lot so perhaps worth a look. Aha! MNCAT says there is a 1999 edition.

2 articles by Dan Rose on market and elite discourses. 1) Anthropological Q 64:3: 109-125 (1991) and 2) Public Culture 4.1: 109-127 (1991).

There might be others but even these may not be directly relevant. I feel that I got a lot of good questions out of Handler and Gable, and should really work those.

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