July 21, 2006

possible parallel work on memory, at Auschwitz

One of my colleagues here in the summer school put me onto a relatively new book that I should definitely read: Auschwitz, Poland and the politics of commemoration. Jonathan Huener, who's in the history dept at UVM.

2003, Ohio UP. You can get the TOC in a link from MNCAT (a wonderful service, btw) and it looks like it would be interesting and a good complement (methodologically) to the anthro stuff I've been reading about constructing discourses.

There are a lot of history students here, and mostly they do archival work. I suppose the built world is MY archive, in some sense. I am just mistrustful of interviews as Truth - they seem even more loaded than my perception of reality.

PS: this is the only book in MNCAT, btw, in the LC category "Memory - poltiical aspects - Poland." So maybe my work is more important than I thought. Nah, probably not: but at least for the moment I am working on something fresh. I live in fear of being scooped.

Posted by otto0114 at July 21, 2006 6:15 AM