April 4, 2007

if I write an environmental chapter

I read up on quite a bit of CEE-specific environmental data in preparation for my teaching demonstration on environmental issues in CEE. Two books I didn't get to, but that would be interesting reading if I come back to this, are Barbara Hicks' Environmental Politics in Poland: a social movement between regime and opposition, Columbia UP, 1996, and Roger Manser's Failed Transitions: the eastern European economy and environment since the fall of communism, New Press, 1993.

Hicks is more concerned with the social and political dynamics of the various organizations; Manser is trying to show that the promise of the market to fix environmental pollution has not yet been realized. However, since his book was published a mere 3 years after the Fall, I am not sure that he is really giving it a fair shake.

My trouble in preparing the materials on environment in Poland is that everything was out of date. There is very little current information available. I think the topic is somewhat tangential to the bigger picture of my dissertation anyhow.

Posted by otto0114 at April 4, 2007 1:25 PM