January 5, 2008

new volume on tourism geography

Tourism and Regional Development: New Pathways. Maria Giaoutzi and Peter Nijkamp, eds. Oxford UP, 2006.

Focus on intersection of tourism, information technologies, and regional development. Sounds pretty au courant!

Review in PG November 07 by Stephen Hanna says the contributions are very quantitative-driven, and (as he says unfortunately) there is only one chapter on critical tourism studies, which misinterprets, oversimplifies and fails to account for newer extensions of, the tourist gaze approach to analysis. That chapter is by Lila Leontidou. Hanna writes that "several authors using this approach have retheorized the relationships among representation, experience, memory, and commodification to recognize that the resulting tourism places and practices are far from static" (557). Leotidou in Hanna's assessment is not one of them.
Methods chapters are said to be good for researchers and advanced students.

I am thinking about this because I need to be clear about where I am situated in academic tourism geography. "As far away as possible" is probably not a strategically acceptable answer during a defense!

Posted by otto0114 at January 5, 2008 11:04 AM