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This blog is for you guys to post your "outside responses." Originally, I had planned that, sometime during the class, you each should write me a one-page response on some narrative (movie, play, television show, etc.) that you encountered outside of class that made use of a "retelling." Then I figured...instead of just writing it and giving it to me and only me to read, why not post it on a blog? Then everyone can see everyone else's responses and comment on them.

So...this is the place. Noticed a favorite TV show or movie or cartoon that's essentially retelling one of the stories we've read in class? Noticed a mythic structure in a favorite book? Write about it here. You need to write at least one post and comment on at least two. I'll post from time to time, too.

I'm particularly interested in hearing about graphic novels, as I'm not super-familiar with the genre. I know that a lot of them --particular Neil Gaiman's Sandman series -- retell myths, and there's one series that uses fairy tale characters. Know anything about this? Write about here.


There was an episode of King of the Hill where they did an animated rendition of Snow White.

Good topic though, not easy to think of immediately :)