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You Remind Me of You

Sorry, I am not a huge movie or television buff (I end up falling asleep in almost anything I attempt to watch) so I have to write this about about a book.

My maybe favorite book is called You Remind Me of You by Eireanne Corrigan and is meant for a teenage audience. The book is an autobiographical telling of struggles of an eating disorder in poetry form.

The story is a modern telling of Orpheus and Eurydice. Eurydice is Eireanne, she is stuck in an eating disorder hell but her high school boyfriend tries to help her by buying her bakery goods and standing up for her in school. There are multiple counts where Eireanne is hospitalized, and her boyfriend only visits her three times (like tasks) and Eireanne comes out of hospitalization. Her boyfriend figuratively looks back, like Orpheus, which lands her back in back in the hospital (of course that isn't actually why she needs multiple hospitalizations). The high school also plays guitar, which makes him more similar to Orpheus.

Without other illusions to mythology the couple has conflicts to deal such as religion, college, and suicide. This is the less than glamorous view of modern myth and real struggles and climaxes. There is resolution, or several at least. Readers learn that the two characters end up together, although not married, but alive and dating, which disagrees with the myth because Eurydice is never with Orpheus.
Ending up with a happy resolution is typical format to fairy tales, which is needed in this story of turmoil.

as a side note, my roommate told me that the story of eurydice is referenced in Gaiman's The Sandman, but I have never read that - just saw graphic novels were of interest.


No apologies for writing about books -- in fact, it's encouraged.

It's interesting in the book you describe, that "the underworld" or "death" becomes anorexia -- seems appropriate.