New TSA security measures controversial

The Transportation Safety Administration's is under fire since they began using body scanners that see through people's clothing and subject fliers to extremely thorough (or invasive) pat downs.

According to the Associated Press, the TSA was created as a public service in 2001 following the 9/11 terrorist attacks but since have become more of a public nuisance.

President Barack Obama said he supports the TSA's efforts to keep up to date on potential threats to the United States. However, travelers are angry because the TSA interrupts routine business trips and pleasant family vacations.

Interest groups are encouraging travelers to protest the body scans and pat downs on Nov. 24---the day before Thanksgiving and one of the busiest travel days of the year.

According to a second article in the Associated Press, the TSA believes the process should be minimally invasive and that the agency would be looking into best practices to ensure consumer comfort.

On a lighter note, the cast of '' had their own take on the TSA's new measures.

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