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back issues, and Way, Way Back

A patron from a Caribbean Island sent us an email between our late winter snowstorms ! That was a nice reminder that cold and snow won't blanket us indefinitely.. well, Turns out he was referred to us by the Library of Congress, who had found that the University of Minnesota Libraries was one of two places that owned an early newspaper. (LC was the other one) This patron was interested in the ship captain's account of a visit to the island where he now resides. We confirmed that we owned the newspaper, and went to the rare books section. Of course, we're always curious what we'll find in the rare books section. Turns out this time, the book was in excellent condition, especially considering it was nearly 400 years old ! The rare books staff used their specialized scanning equipment, which allows them to copy from an original in "face up " position, rather than "face down" , and the scans were sent to the patron, who received them within a couple of hours after his initial email !