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Chapter 7 is about memory. It discusses different types of memory: sensory, short-term, and long-term, and how we store memory. It explains how memory is more like melting wax than hardened metal, and a memory over time can change depending on our expectations and beliefs. It goes on to talk about how memory works, the biology of a memory, helpful tools to help you remember something more accurately, and false memories.
What I think is the most interesting is false memories, and how memories change over time. Even a childhood memory can change depending on your environment. If you remember an event a specific way, but your parent insists something happened that you do not remember, it is very likely that suggestion will also become a part of your memory, becoming a false memory, making you think it really happened whether it did or not. My parents believe my youngest memory is false because we have a home video of that event. However, I remember details not included in the video, making me think it is a real memory. The interesting part is I don't know how much is real memory and how much was suggested over time.

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