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Chapter 10 mentions the subject of nature vs. nurture, which almost everyone is a little familiar with. Lilienfeld mentions her definition of nature via nurture being individuals with certain attitudes about things or specific ways of acting, which look for or create environments where they can express these ways. The environments we look for are generally like the ones we grew up in, which usually are shared along with our parents. Another thing we share with our parents are the genes they have passed down to us. Lilienfeld also writes that environments and genes depend on one another, and this got me thinking of the move Freedom Writers.

The kids at Woodrow Wilson High School state that they kill for race, pride, and respect, and many are against each other. The freshman and sophomores' attending the school are put in a class with Mrs. Gruwell, a white teacher they don't think understands them because of where she came from, which was different from all of them. We find out each of these kids have their own story to tell, but their stories are all relatively similar due to the environments they all grew up in were much the same. These environments are what caused the kids to believe they had to kill for race, pride, and respect. This is what went on around them growing up, and may have been in the genes their parents passed down to them. This brings us back to what I stated above about Lilienheld mentioning that individuals want to surround themselves in environments that fir their own attitudes and ways of acting. One of the teachers in the movie tells Mrs. Gruwell that no one can make the kids want an education. Well, being in school with teachers and rules directing these kids on what to do and how to do it is an environment that does not fit many of their attitudes or ways of doing things. Therefore, many students don't follow the rules, do their homework, respect their teachers or overall, want an education. Ms. Gruwell formed her classroom to be a place where both of these environments could come together, so she could convince the students' to want an education and to pursue their education past high school. A place where she could teach the students that the color of your skin and where you came from does not have in influence where they are going. Not many people want to grow up in an environment that they are fighting wars against one another every day, but there are people who end up in the position. This is usually because it is a position their parents are also fighting, and a position they never left so now their children are also.

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