Blog Entry 1: Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 "Stress, Coping, and Health-the mind-body connection" strongly focuses on the different ways in which individuals deal with stress. The chapter stresses the importance of peoples everyday decisions and actions, and how these decisions can and will affect one's health in the present but also one's future. Many people forget that the decisions he or she makes, such as adopting bad eating habits or even forgetting to exercise on a regular basis, will dramatically affect his or her health mentally and physically in the future. Also, I found it rather alarming how one is much more likely to illnesses such as Coronary Heart Failure due to how stressed one can be. Because people who are under a lot of stress risk undergoing more heart attacks or having higher blood pressure, this can easily make one more prone to suffering from Coronary Heart Failure later on (Lilienfeld, 468). There are many different ways to deal with stress, and this chapter definitely emphasizes the significance in properly dealing with one's stress and health so that he or she is less likely to face more severe consequences in the future.

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