Chapter 16: Psychological and Biological Treatments

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I'd like to begin by pointing out the fact that I've never really written a blog before, so this is a new experience for me. Well, here I go!

The chapter I read for my blog entry was on psychological and biological treatments in psychology. One thing that stuck out to me was the explanation of what psychodynamic therapist's approach to therapy and psychological problems. I for one am very cautious to pinpoitn psychological problems on anything that isn't at the least thoroughly backed up in order to avoid acceptance of ideas not fully supported. That is why I have a problem with psychodynamic therapy.

First off psychodynamic therapist's believe that the causes of abnormal behaviors stem from traumatic or other childhood experiences. I believe there may be truth behind this belief some of the time, but I also don't think every abnormal behavior stems from childhood; that and I'm not sure that there's actual distinct causation between childhood experiences and abnormal behavior. I want evidence!

Second psychodynamic therapist's believe that when their client's achieve insight into previously unconscious material, the causes/symptoms of their abnormalities will become evident and will in turn usually lead to the abnormal behavior's end. My main problem with this belief is that there isn't any substantial evidence pointing towards an acute human characteristic of the suppression of memories (though there are exceptions). As far as I'm concerned the belief that unconscious thoughts must be unearthed and in effect the client will be treated has been in some ways harmful for the client--an example being the unearthing of fake memories of child abuse that has occasionally occurred (or so I've heard).

I'm done ranting! Overall I believe psychodynamic therapist's need to change their priorities in their approach to therapy.

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