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Chapter ten is about the argument of nature versus nurture in psychology. In this chapter they start out with the story of the Genian quadruplets. They were four identical quadruplets girls, and all suffered from schizophrenia. But what was really interesting to me is how the four girls developed. Although they all suffered from the same disease, they developed it at different times, and with much different severities. That is interesting because from my prior knowledge of psychology, which isn't much, I would have figured they would have developed the disease at same and at the same time. To me it's obvious that it must have been their environments that cause this difference in the four, because what else was different? Because they were all genetically equal. As I read farther in the book, I realized this did not necessarily have to be true, that there were arguments against it. As the book later explained, there can be developments in the embryo that can cause differences in kids. That could explain why they were different, because they came out seventeen minutes apart. But I just don't buy it, I feel like it must be from the environment they grew up in. That was the most interesting parts of the chapter to me, and if anyone has other solutions to why they developed differently, that would be great.



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This is an interesting topic and the topic of twins and how they grow up is a great way to look at it. I personally believe that it is a mixture of the two that create who we are. I do see the side that you argue about how nature is the only factor in this, however I do think that due to the differences with the embryo's that this could be a cause of what happened. This is due to the fact that they were all identical and also lived in the same home and grew up (I am assuming) very much the same. Therefore I also have a hard time believing that the environment was the only factor to create these differences.

I personally believe that in nearly every situation, it is a combination of nature and nurture. However, the book does mention that with schizophrenia, it does have to do with environmental influences. No matter how similar identical twins, or in this case quadruplets, are, the nurture or environmental factor for these siblings will never be exactly the same and is probably the reason it's developed this way. Another way to look at it is, if you flip the same coin 4 times, it will not always come up the same way each time. Even if each of the 4 flips is the same coin, it's a different situation and will produce a different result, whether it's the result of the toss, how long until it lands, where it lands, etc. In any case, I hope that got my point across!

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