Welcome to the World of Blogging!

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Welcome to the world of Blogging!

For many of you this will be a new experience and hopefully a fun creative way to communicate, introspect, and reflect on ideas that will be generated by this course and your daily lives.

The word "blog" is the byproduct of "web" and "log" and is an interactive website somewhat like an online journal with diverse subjects where people can post ideas, articles, commentary, videos, music, links and controversial topics.

Our hope is that this blog can help you develop critical thinking skills and have fun doing so!


Some good tips for writing a good blog post:
1. Pick a concept or idea from Psy 1001 lectures or the Lilienfeld text that you found interesting over the past two weeks. Summarize this in your own words and tell your readers why you think this is important, interesting, or why you might challenge it.
2. Apply this to some aspect of your life or someone else's life that you know personally. Tell us why you think this is relevant and what interests you about this.
3. Make your post creative! Use a variety of media such as photos, videos, and other links as a way to entice your readers.
4. Reading others' blogs and commenting on them is a good way to stimulate thinking about your own blog.
5. Write clearly and precisely. Posts should be short and focused and on topic.
6. Ending your blog post with a question will encourage other readers to respond to your blog.

This link will also provide good tips on how to write a good blog:

The 4 pillars of exceptional blogs

WRITING #1:DEADLINE Before next Discussion Section on Jan. 26th
Blog entries are worth 5 points each:
Concepts (0-3 pts), Mechanics (0-1 pts) Clarity of writing (0-1 pts)

Please read your syllabus for more details

And have fun!


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