Chp. 5 Consciousness

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Have you been sleeping and known for a fact you were dreaming? If I have, I don't remember it. The phenomenon is called lucid dreaming, which means the experience of becoming aware that one is dreaming. Scientists say most people have experienced lucid dreaming at least once in their lifetime and some even experience this phenomenon monthly. When I awake from my sleep I am lucky to even remember if I had I had a dream or not. It is said that the thing that tips lucid dreamers off, that it is a dream they are experiencing is anything truly out of the ordinary or so crazy that it could not be real.
One point that was made in the chapter really caught my attention and intrigued me. "Lucid dreaming opens up the possibility of controlling our dreams" (171). The ability to control what we dream is almost like a superpower in some way. Well, maybe not but it is for sure an incredible gift. Lucid dreaming is just one of the topics covered in chapter 5. Throughout the chapter there is a vast amount of extraordinary concepts they cover such as stages of sleep, disorders of sleep, and hypnosis.


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There have been a couple instances where i have experienced lucid dreaming. It is a really weird experience. In my particular instance, it was somewhat of a nightmare. I was really scared running away from a clown (of all people). After hiding for a little bit, I remember believing that i have the power to control my dream. Once i realized this, i changed the entire scenario of the dream and it turned into a happy/positive dream.

I unfortunately am much like you, when I dream I have never had lucid dreaming and am lucky to remember my dreams. I think it would be an interesting experience to know that I am in a dream and to go even further by controlling what occurs in my dream. I have heard several different ideas about being able to train yourself to have lucid dreaming by doing something before going to be that is common and could occur in your dream so that you can catch the differences and realize you are in a dream. However I have a hard time believing that something as simple as switching a light switch on and off before going to bed can allow you to experience lucid dreaming.

I have also heard that you can influence whether or not you have a lucid dream. For example, I heard that if you stay awake for more than 24 hours and then fall asleep, you're more likely to have a lucid dream. Take that with a grain of salt, as I am not sure whether there exists any scientific data to back it up--it could just be (and probably is) an extraordinary claim!

It would be awesome to be able to control your dreams. You could literally be anything you want to be, do anything you want to do, live in an unworldly place. To me, that sounds pretty cool.

I experience lucid dreaming quite often. Usually it is right when I am falling asleep or about to wake up from an alarm. It is the weirdest thing because you realize you are dreaming, and then you realize you realize, and you jolt awake. It has happened to me multiple times every year. But even more weird than that, one time I knew I was dreaming and I couldn't wake up or move. It felt like I was paralyzed, and it took a major effort to move and wake up. I heard something mentioned in the book about this, but I will tell you that it was crazy. I have always been a vivid dreamer, so that might be the reason. Very interesting post though!

I wonder if I may have experienced a couple examples of lucid dreaming. It wasn't a conscious thought "I am dreaming" it was more just a general understanding that I was dreaming, but still treating it like a reality of sorts. Similar to if you were daydreaming of being on an adventure, hiking through a jungle, battling the vicious beasts you come across, you know what you're imagining is not reality, but you treat it as such. At least when I daydream like this, I don't "control" the daydream but let it play out as it likes sometimes being surprised at what happens next. Most people would say this is lucid dreaming, but if lucid dreaming is only supposed to happen every once in a while, and these types of scenarios happen very often to me, this makes me wonder, at what point do you define it as lucid dreaming?

I don't experience this often but I do occasionally when I get to sleep in. I'll half wake up, even enough to check my phone and the time, and then be able to fall right back into my dream. it makes me wonder what circumstances determine who does lucid dream and why others don't.

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