Is this a dream?

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In Marcus de Sautoy's video, The Secret you, he volunteers himself for a sleep study based on brain activity and consciousness. For the study he was given mild shocks to his brain while wearing equipment that measured his brain activity. While he was awake and conscious many different locations in his brain were active, even when the shock was distributed to a small area. Unfortunately, he couldn't fall asleep in the lab so they used a different subject's information while they were asleep. The results were that while sleeping, only small locations of the brain were active; whereas awake many were active.

This leads me to think that because we use less of our brains while we are unconscious, that might be why we tend to dream very unrealistic situations and think they are real, when in reality they are only a dream. The same goes for hypnosis, supposedly people become unconscious when hypnotized, therefore using less of their brain. All the hypnosis acts that I've seen, people tend to do extremely embarrassing and crazy things, nothing they would dream of doing while conscious. This, in part, may have to do with fact they are using less of their brain. If we were able to utilize our entire brain while asleep or hypnotized we may be able to realize what is happening and act accordingly; like realize we are dreaming and not be afraid or realize we are being hypnotized and not react to the hypnotist.

Have you ever had a dream that was unrealistic but seemed very real to you?


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Dreaming has always fascinated me, how you can seem to create a whole story and situation while not fully knowing what you are doing. In the book it talked about how people in hypnotic acts are most often trying to entertain or are picked because they are more likely to act it out. It is almost as if they feel free to do crazy things because they can claim that they don't remember it and were not in control. Also the book mentioned levels of sleep. I have often had strange dreams that seem very real during the dream, but when I wake up leave me thinking "what the heck". This most often seems to occur on weekends, when I am able to get more sleep and thus spend more time in REM sleep.

As a kid I remember always looking for bedtime because I couldn't wait to dream. I didn't understand everything thing as a kid but I have gained more knowledge about how dreaming works as I have grown. I agree with your point that we may have such unrealistic dreams because of the fact that when we sleep only small parts of our brain's are active. It is so fascinating that we can have these unrealistic dreams but while we are experiencing them they are so vivid and real.

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