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Andrew Nardi
Vaccines and Autism

I would just like to start out by saying this claim is preposterous. The articles that do show a correlation between early life vaccinations and ASD (autism spectrum disorders) are sparse at best. Proponents of the notion use confirmation bias to try and skew the statistics in their favor. As it is, autism spectrum disorders are incredibly hard to diagnose until social interactions are much more common. With that being said, some autism spectrum disorders can be detected as early fourteen months. Another point I would like to bring up is the difficulty in directly connecting the vaccines because there is a long time between the time a child receives the vaccines and the time that autism is diagnosed. Another thing that is troubling is there is no evidence to decipher what actually causes autism and autism spectrum disorders let alone a single direct cause. There was a certain study done on twelve children in 1998 by a doctor by the name of, Andrew Wakefield, which showed evidence of a correlation between Autism and vaccines. However, in 2011 the article was completely discredited due to the fact that Dr. Wakefield had falsified the data, as well as the results of the study rendering the conclusion moot. Autism is a big deal for parents as well as children, and it makes sense that people are trying to put the blame on something but vaccines are not the culprits.


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I think people always try to find a cause for the effect, and with autism it is hard to pinpoint what the causation(s) is/are, which is why vaccines are blamed because there has been a minimal (if any) correlation found between the two. With the belief that vaccines are behind autism is harmful to the development/research and funding because it puts vaccines in a negative light when they are quite the contrary.

This is a topic that has come up many times in my family. It has not necessarily been about the correlation between autism and vaccines, but there are members in my family that basically think vaccines are of the devil and believe they are the cause of most of America's health problems. This idea has always been crazy to me and your point only puts more strength behind it. There are people that believe what they want to believe, and as long as it is super hard to prove them wrong, then they think they are right. There is a certain bias they hold on tight to but, to each his own.

You bring about a VERY controversial debate. There seem to be many people who hear what kind of chemicals are in vaccinations (any kind, not just ASD "causing" ones) and they panic, automatically thinking that the vaccine is bad for them. Truth is, if they knew what kind of chemicals were in half the food they were eating they probably would think all food was deathly also. It is very unfair for people to discredit all vaccinations just because of a very small correlation but I think it is also unfair for us to say that vaccinations are NOT the culprit for causing Autism disorders. It seems we have no causation between vaccinations causing ASD but as the cause of ASD is still unknown, it seems unfair to rule out vaccinations completely. Very nice, thought provoking topic.

This is an interesting topic. It sounds just like the pseudoscience that our text book talked so much about. The idea of linking such a big topic to so little data and then suggesting that one causes the other is simply foolish. I think that this is another case of the media wanting to put something out there that will grab people's attention. Now there will be many people that won't take vaccines although further research can possibly disprove this correlation.

Vaccines are very important for new born children and also pregnant mothers. To try and say that vaccines are a cause for such a severe disability needs to have a lot of evidence to support that stance. More testing should be done with all vaccines making sure there is no correlation between vaccines and all types of disabilities to be safe. It is more important to be safe than to be sorry when it comes to human lives. But the evidence needs to be conclusive and be repeated over and over because such ridiculous acts of scientific manipulation such as Dr. Wakefields is an abomination to the scientific world and hurts the proponents of vaccinations causing disabilities. Solve problems with clear cut science.

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