The Boy with Cat Eyes

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While having the ability to fly or being able to lift an elephant with just your pinky finger may be a desire many of us have (well, perhaps the second one is irrelephant to you), unfortunately we will probably never obtain these skills. Although humans don't have superpowers, there are a few people who have super powered traits that nearly compare to those of a superhero. Such is the case with a young Chinese boy by the name of Nong Yousui.

He was born with blue eyes, which is very uncommon in the region he lives in. While doctors at first thought it was simply a change in color from the usual brown eyes of Chinese people, instead it turns out that he was blessed, or perhaps cursed, with cat eyes. His blue eyes may not be exactly like a cat, but they have the incredible ability of enabling Nong the ability to see in the dark. He is able to go outside and catch crickets in the middle of the night, and even read words on paper in pitch black lighting. Unfortunately for this young boy, it comes at a price. During the day he suffers from how intense the sunlight is on his very sensitive night vision eyes.

Being able to see in the dark and move swiftly about, while others fumble around and stub their toes, sure would be handy. Yet he may almost have to live a life much like a vampire, hiding from the sun, and going out only in the night. Having the ability to see in the dark is indeed impressive, but is it worth it? Would you prefer to be like Nong, and have cat eyes, or stick with your good ol' fashioned day time eyes?

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Nong’s ability of being able to see in the dark seems to be a cool superpower. Yet at the same time he has to suffer from bright sunlight, which would be miserable. I do not understand the reason he has “cat eyes”. Perhaps that is due to genetic mutations. If genetic mutations cause his strange eye sight, would this trait be heritable? Even though it may be a recessive trait, some of his offspring will suffer from “cat eyes”. I guess the case of Nong will provide extremely valuable information for biological psychologists and evolutionary biologists.

When thinking about having superpowers, being able to see better in the dark would probably be the last thing that I would think of. However, I think it could be extremely useful. That being said, I don't think that the trade off between being able to see at night in the dark, and having to suffer during daylight would be worth it. Nong would provide researchers with an interesting case study. I'm curious to find out if there are many other people with similar eye sight conditions.

When I first saw the picture, the eye color was very striking (and a very pretty color) to me. Although the color is very uncommon in certain regions, it's not impossible. I can only guess it was some genetic mutation or perhaps he had some distant European ancestor (but that doesn't explain the extraordinary seeing ability). In any case, it kinda shows how probably just a slight change in genetics could produce some "super powers".

As cool as it would be to see in the dark the price he has to pay far outweighs that. Having to deal with what he has to deal with in his everyday life would be too much of a pain for me. I am interested now though, are there more people with this problem out there? I think it would be something interesting to look into. Maybe take this question further and learn more about the topic.

That is a very thought provoking question. It seems incredible that this boy can see in the dark and I find that really interesting! It sure would be beneficial to be able to see in the dark for things like driving or reading but is there really any real reason that this would be necessary? I would rather have the ability to see during the day and be able to sleep during the night because otherwise I would have to make my house very dark during the day so that I could sleep. It is very interesting that this boy has this condition though, it would be interesting to learn more about his lifestyle.

Nong's condition is very unique. I think it would be awesome to night vision, and not be able to see during the day. Seeing during the day has its benefits, but so does night vision. Sunglasses are also an easy solution to dealing with not being able to see in the daytime. yes, he would probably have to wear them all the time, but it would be like wearing regular glasses that help to adjust his eyes according to the light. Night vision goggles are a lot more expensive than sunglasses, and not nearly as much of a hassle. I believe that Nong is blessed with what he has been given, and although it may cause him some troubles, it is worth the power he has been given.

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