Here, Eat this tapeworm.

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One thing that shocked me while I was looking into the prompt of the worst weight loss plan ever was the plan that had once convinced young girls to ingest parasites. Around the 1920-30's people began learning that tape worms can cause you to eat more than you normally would, but people would never gain any weight from it because the parasite would eat the ingested food. After this was discovered, people began to get this crazy that that would be a great way to lose weight or eat as much as you want but never gain weight. People would intentionally ingest these tapeworms in the hopes of getting, or staying, thin.
This seems absurd to me because, although you do not have to put in an effort to stay thin, you are risking the health of your organs to do it. I understand that that is also the idea of many people with eating disorders, as they are risking the health of their bodies every day to stay thin, but it seems disgusting to purposefully ingest a worm, even for that. To me, it just seems logical that if you eat healthy and exercise daily, you will not only remain a healthy weight but you will also feel better during the day. I mean, can you imagine slurping this down? YUCK.


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This is the most shocking way of losing weight I’ve ever seen. I think it is no use to ask those people suffering from eating disorder the consequence of the parasites growing bigger in their stomach. Their motivation to have thin body is so strong that they wouldn’t care how to lose weight. The other surprising thing about this writing is that it happened around 1920-30s. I thought obsession over being thin was related to media such as TV and magazine that give people false fantasy about appearance.

I am so surprised that people actually do this! I cannot even imagine how desperate to lose weight you would have to be to ingest parasites. This is just crazy! What I am wondering is how people get rid of the parasites after they have lost the weight they wanted to lose. This really does sound like the worst weight loss plan ever! You could not pay me enough money to ever swallow that thing.

This is a disgusting fact that I learned. Looking at the picture is rough. I can only imagine what it would be like to swallow that. Putting in a little extra effort to stay in shape or maybe cut back on the amount you eat seems more then an easy decision to me. Tapeworms are creatures not some pill. They could easily travel somewhere else and cause sever damage. I hope this trend has ended and never becomes a problem again.

This is utterly disgusting. But, hey, people are weird, and some place so much importance on appearance that they will do anything to "look great," even if it is hazardous to their health. As you mentioned in your original post, people just need to understand that the best method for losing weight is to eat healthy foods, limit your portions, and get off your bum for at least 30 minutes a day. It may not be easy--trust me, I know--but their are no shortcuts. If you want to be healthy, you just need to follow that recipe.

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