Classical Conditioning As It Pertains to Business

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In five years from now, I will most likely remember the concept of classical conditioning--especially as it pertains to business--from PSY 1001. Advertising accounts for a large percentage of business today. What do you do when you have a product you need to sell? You advertise. Classical conditioning--specifically, higher-order conditioning--provides advertisers with the knowledge to make their ads "stick" with the viewer. By using classical conditioning, advertisers attempt to pair their brands with positive emotions so that consumers purchase more of their products. And selling more products, as we already know, equals more money. As a future businessman myself, who may or may not work in advertising (that remains to be seen), I believe that this concept is the one I will remember the most. It is, perhaps, the concept that is most applicable and most useful in my future.

That being said, I'm sure I will remember other concepts from Psychology this year. For example, I will probably remember persuasion techniques, which I found extremely interesting and useful, and I will probably remember some stress-management techniques that I learned in Chapter 12.

Overall, I have learned a great deal of information from this class and, honestly, it's been a complete joy!

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I also thought that the unit on classical conditioning was extremely interesting! Now that I have learned about it, and understand it, I see examples of it everywhere! The advertising and business world definitely rely on this technique to help pursued people into buying their products! (especially when it comes to the use of celebrities) Good post!

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