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I think that about of all of the things that I have learned in this past semester and when I do I think that five years from now I will remember the part about cognition. Specifically, the aspect of free will and the fact that we think that we consciously make our choices, when in all reality we assign cognitive thoughts after we have made the choice or done the action. I think that the reason I find this so interesting is because the idea that we aren't consciously in control of our actions and choices is not really something you want to think about. It seems like it would be such a scary world to live in where everyone is just doing things and making choices without being aware of why until after we've done them and made them. However, if there is anything else that I've learned from this class it's that the way we think about the world is not always the way it is. Our fantasies show us a world without free will is a scary place and that may even make us think that clearly the research can't be true because our world isn't that scary. So, here is my big light bulb, our fantasies are what really is wrong; not what the research. Our societies have so strongly relied on this idea of free will that we think that a world without it would be unbearable, but in reality we do live in a world without the free will we always think that we have and, shockingly, it's pretty bearable.

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