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The one concept that I will take from psychology this year would probably have to be one of the more recent chapters. In chapter 13 they discussed social psychology and how it applies in real world. How something that as we read seems like something we would never do but everyday people who think like that fall to conformity and other things that just seem absurd to me. I believe in being an individual is important. If you stand out don't think of it as something bad but more unique. Something I will always remember is to be me regardless of what other people say. I guess it is tough to say since I haven't been in the situation but I feel that I would be able to stand out and be my own individual. Also an interesting concept was right towards the end. When they talked about foot in the door or other terms like that. I previously knew about sale gimmicks like that. Learning tactics to not have sales people do that to you is probably something important. Barging and making sure you are not being scammed seems like important tools to have.

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