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Psychology 1001 has been a very enlightening class. It has shown me many different fields of psychology that are interesting in their own way. The field that stuck out the most to me was the Biological Psychology section. The brain fascinates me in how it operates and allows all sorts of unconscious and conscious abilities to work. It is interesting that so much of our bodily functions are automatic thanks to our autonomic system that is part of the peripheral nervous system. Then it is interesting how the brain is broken up into separate parts that have been distinguished as lobes because of the abilities that they promote. A question I have about this field, which is probably a big reason why I will remember it, is how did scientists figure out what all the separate parts of the brain did especially when the brain doesn't look like it is separated in all the areas? Did we use human subjects that were unwillingly volunteered or was it all based off animal testing? This question is not a fun idea to think about. Psychology has given me the ability to look at events and little occurrences around us and analyze them to try and understand it in a rational way

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There are so many different fields of psychology, and i never really realized it until i took this class! Even if i wasnt required to take this class i probably still would have just because it is so interesting.I also agree the biological psychology section was quite interesting. The brain is so complex and its amazing how it works. I am always interested in learning more and more about how it works ebcause i feel there is so much to learn about!

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