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When we were asked to think about the concept that we will remember the most in 5 years, my mind went racing. I have learned so much over the semester! A few things that come to mind are personality differences, psychological disorders, and differences between cultures. I have always been interested differences between people and what actually makes them different, and I have loved learning more about these things this semester. I would have never thought that collectivist cultures would interpret and value things differently than an individualistic society, such as our own. I have some close friends that would be considered part of a collectivist culture, and I never understood that it would make such a difference between how they and I think. Something I found interesting this semester was how similar we all are in basic brain functioning and thinking, but then how different we can interpret and view the world. Taking this course this semester has made me curious, intuitive, and has changed how I view others around me. I think that will be what I remember most after 5 years; how my way of thinking about others completely changed over the course of this semester. My mind has been opened.


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I definitely agree with you on this one. I think that was the best part of coming to college for me. I got to meet so many different people and while we are all here we all have our different interests, goals and majors. I've learned a lot this year and this psych class has also helped me open my mind to new experiences.

To me, knowing and understanding people and the reasons and the ways in which they are different, are things that must be explored and learned first hand. I feel it would be much harder to read it from a book. Reading people is a very difficult thing to do but I also think that this class has helped show how similar everyone is, and that it is critical for us to look through others' perspectives and not assume anything about people we do not even know.

I agree that this class really did open my eyes to several differences among people. The course covered a vast span of information, however it all seemed to go hand in hand. At the time of reading all the chapters I did not think this, however looking back, everything fits together well. I feel that we really learned great information about what makes people very unique.

I also find these topics very interesting! It's amazing that even though there are so many differences in culture, personality, and language, the brain still functions the same, no matter the ethnicity. After taking this course I've realized how much more aware I am when learning about other cultures and different types of people, but I really have a hard time remembering were all wired the same way.

I completely agree with you. This class was enlightening. I also loved that we covered the similarities and differences of different countries. I am from an Asian background and I completely agree that the perspectives from the East and the West side of the world differ greatly. It was interesting to learn about collectivism and individualistic cultures because I have always felt strange growing up in an individualistic society with my collectivism thoughts.

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