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The most interesting part about this class was learning about how I work as a person. I've learned a lot of valuable things that help me understand why I do what I do and can maybe help curb some not so good habits I have. One of these habits is procrastination! While I did procrastinate writing this blog post and write all of my comments, after learning about what type of studying is conducive to successful learning I am definitely more interested in investing more time in things such as studying for tests. I work better under pressure but it was interesting to learn how to make effective use of that time through context-dependent learning, distributed practice vs. mass practice, and elaborative rehearsal. Using all of these tactics I was able to ameliorate my broken study habits. Studying is a lot more satisfying when you have the skills to optimize efficiency.


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I thought the part in the book about how to help get rid of procrastination was really interesting. As college students with a lot going on, we all tend to procrastinate as much as possible. The section about rewards was a big help for that as well because if you reward yourself, you're more likely to do the thing you are putting off. Something that I find myself doing a lot is rewarding myself for going to class by getting a bagel for breakfast or something along those lines. I think it's cool that psychology can relate to every day life.

i agree with you 100%. I feel like during this semester I really learned how I worked as a person. Especially with procrastination. I think that during this class, I really got to work on the things that I had bad habits of. And hopefully improved them well.

It is fascinating that psychology is able to explain everything the living organism does. I, like you, am a huge procrastinator, so learning about this topic kind of sparked my interest. Although teachers are constantly saying "start studying early", I never really do. However, after reading that this method is scientifically proven to increase test scores, I feel more urged to do so.

I enjoy the title of this post compared to the time at which it was posted and the subject matter.

ANYWAY, yes, I attribute a lot of any success that I had this semester to knowledge of mass vs. distributed practice... I did my best to distribute studying throughout a topic rather than pile it all on one night, and I saw an increase in grades... I believe largely in part to this new habit.

Jess! I love your title. And you definitely need better study habits :P
I hope that everything you learned will help you not procrastinate as badly.
At a Med School dinner one doctor gave me some sound advice
"school is a marathon, not a race"
Gotta take it easy and one step at a time. Not all at once last minute.

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