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The thing I am probably most going to remember from Psychology is the effects different diseases have on the brain. My mother was diagnosed with memory problems most often related to Alzheimer's this past fall. While I already knew what I should expect down the road I found the explanation and image in the book of what actually happens to the brain extremely helpful. Its hard not to get frustrated with my Mothers problem, I think this has to do with the nature of not knowing what exactly to expect and how to respond to it. Learning about the brain has allowed me to better understand what my mom is going through and also what is going through my own head in response. The brain is extremely complex and to have a better understanding of what can happen to it because of different diseases is an important first step to coming up with a way to stop them. Seeing numerous different diseases and there effects has also calmed my fears not necessarily because I feel my mom's could be worse but because I know there are many many other families dealing with neurological diseases and knowing that gives me some hope that in the future there will be a breakthrough that helps treat Alzheimer's and all the other diseases. Often I have heard people refer to Alzheimer's as the long good by, but with the help of medication and further research I think that reference will be a thing of the past and hopefully one day become forgotten itself. I am grateful for what I have learned in Psychology 1001 and as I am going into a career in education I think what I have learned will become evermore useful at home and in the classroom.

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When it comes to different diseases in the brain this class was very helpful. My grandma had Alzheimer's and my mom would talk about it and I wouldn't really understand. Now after taking this course though and thinking back on it, some of the things I remember her saying to me make more sense. Things like that are the ideas I will always remember from this course.

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