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I am going to try and combine the two sections as best as possible into one plot post to make up for points. Something that I wanted to look more into when I was reading chapter 5 on consciousness, was if (and how) psychological mental disorders were somehow correlated with sleep. I have heard several times that depression symptoms can either be loss of sleep of excess amounts of sleep. I wanted to know if some chemical imbalances in the brain causing types of mental disorders could be helped if sleep patterns were regulated. Sure enough, on health.harvard.edu, I found an article talking about this exact question. It talks about how sleep problems might contribute to the development of psychiatric disorders. So, treating a sleep disorder might also "reduce symptoms of a mental health problem." This is dependent on the psychiatric diagnosis of course, but I found this all very interesting. In high school, getting adequate amounts of sleep is stressed. People tend to not take it seriously, because it's something we do every night and there will always be another opportunity for more sleep. But, without regular sleeping patterns, our brains will not have enough time to recuperate and get ready for the next day. I could see how after time, this would exhaust the brain and possible cause some type of disorder, biologically.

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