Entry #3 "Hurry Up and Wait"

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I can definitely relate to the management techniques used in the U.S. that are sometimes ridiculed by other countries because of the quickness of the decision made. In the military there is a saying that we practically live by: "Hurry Up and Wait". Though there are incredible amounts of time and effort put forth to prepare for missions or training evolutions, like intelligence, reconnaissance, logistics, etc. for the other daily decisions, there is often hardly any thought that goes into them. From a leader's standpoint the goal is to get the job done as quickly as possible and to the highest standard as possible, not taking into account the general welfare of some the poor lower ranks. Why make 100 people do a job that could be done by 10 people? because then what would the other 90 people do? Don't get me wrong, everyone in the military goes through this experience throughout their career, but it does get old. There have been many times in my career that I was ridiculed for utilizing the least amount of my Marines necessary to complete the task at hand instead of just going with the flow. I can definitely understand that it may be more difficult to sit down and analyze a problem before jumping up to solve it, but I believe that it can attribute to a more efficient solution.hurry-up-and-wait.jpg


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I would say that the "Hurry up and wait" saying is relative in most professions in that efficiency is the goal in every professional setting. Once you are done with your training then we truly do hurry up and wait for whatever comes next.

I do see that the "hurry and wait" strategy is used in many types of businesses in the United States. I feel like America is a very profit and production ideal country, supporting the lecture that said that American are said to have pride and not be as modest as Eastern countries. In a country that values production, I can see why they would want to finish the job as fast as possible: so they can make way for a new task, and if there is no new task they are forced to wait.

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