INT DS Make-up: Intelligence

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Intelligence and IQ were something I hadn't thought much about before reading the chapter. There sere several things the chapter pointed out that I found interesting. I had heard the nature v. nurture debate on IQ/Intelligence but had never fully explored the multitude of factors that affect IG/Intelligence.
I was surprised to learn that birth order and being a "later born" child would affect anything with IQ/Intelligence. I was not surprised to learn that education plays a huge role in IQ/Intelligence.It showed that IQ lowers during summer vacations, which I think is exceptionally relevant as there was just discussion about the University of Minnesota considering switching to a full year schedule. Would the Intelligence/OQ benefits outweight the costs of a grueling full year schedule? Even though students would still be able to opt out of certain semesters for a break, if we ran on a full-year schedule I think most people would feel like they had to commit to a full year. I think a full year could potentially raise intelligence but I feel like there would be a high burnout rate, as well as less time for other activities and opportunities that primarily take place in the summer now. Would it make that much of a difference ro would it just be like now, except taking a semester off, instead of the summer like the majority of students do now?

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When I think of the full year vs 3/4 of the year debate I think of operant conditioning. As students it is our job to retain the information that we learn. As laid out during operant conditioning, the subject retains the ability when the reward is reinforced inconsistently. This may be a stretch, but I believe that this relates to school because if we were in school year round, we would end up retaining less of the information learned. So, it would be counterproductive to our long term growth.

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