Mental Sets

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It is interesting to think about mental sets, we do one thing or similar things so many times that we become fixated on having only one way to come to the solution of such problem, but when a curve ball is thrown, we have trouble figuring it out. The more I began to think about mental sets, the more I see how it can be connected to short term memory. In both cases, the process is repeated and encoded into your mind, but the process does not stick with you forever. If you were to stop the process and take a break, it would be easy to see that a different path needs to be taken to reach the desired goal. This could be seen as similar to not transferring short term memory to long term memory. An example in the book gives us an algorithm that can be used to find the volume of different glass sizes, we get this stuck into our heads in the short run, and when we get to the last problem, the answer we get do not match the actual answer. When we take a break and the algorithm is not embedded in our minds we can easy see the new pattern, it is all about memory and what has worked in the past. To overcome the idea of mental sets, we need to cognitively think and work out each problem, avoiding the pattern and the possible down falls that may follow.

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