Nature Vs. Nurture: A New Light/ Are you a supertaster?

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In the past few years, a new light has been shed on the Nature Vs. Nurture debate, the discovery of Epigenetics. The idea behind Epigenetics is "the expression of any one gene is embedded within a biological system influenced by a multitude of other genetic and environmental influences." Basically, instead of focusing on Nature or Nurture separately; these two ideas are being seen as combined and correlate to each other. An example of Epigenetics is someone that is born with a high level of intelligence (Nature) but not given the ample attention and educational resources (Nurture) needed to reach their full academic potential. Therefore instead of arguing which is more prominent, psychologists and scientists have mostly agreed that there is a very delicate balance between Nature and Nurture. I find this new information very interesting and agree with the idea behind Epigenetics. There is almost never only one answer in psychology, there are many factors that influence people and it's important that each factor is considered in order to obtain the best results.

Although very much off topic (because I need to cover two discussion sections), I am going to discuss what a supertaster is and list criteria for everyone to see if you have this amazing trait. Everybody tastes things differently, this is due to the number of taste buds each person contains on their tongue. The more taste buds a person has, the more intensely they perceive tastes, especially bitter ones. If you're A. Female and B. from Asia, Africa, or South America, you have a better chance of being a supertaster. Do you not like fruits and vegetables? Flavanoids that are found in these foods taste unpleasantly bitter to supertasters so they tend to shy away from them. Lastly, if you tend to stay away from super fatty, sugary, and salty foods; it could be a sign you're a supertaster. After looking at these traits, I am not a supertaster. Are you?


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My sister is a supertaster, actually! It's really annoying, she is ridiculously picky because of it, but yeah, it's been shown that she is one.

epigenetics is a very interesting new idea, and i'm glad it's finally come around. perhaps introduction psychology classes can finally stop talking about which is more important! that would add about a week of class that professors could use for discussing other things.

i don't stay away from any kind of food haha, so i doubt i'm a supertaster. however, i do seem to have an increased distaste for hard alcohol, so perhaps i am?

two things i wish i knew: if i am a supertaster and what my blood type is.

I think the idea of epigenetics is also very interesting and also a very nice addition to the nature vs. nurture debate. When talking with older adults, it seems that they have their minds completely made up and that it's either one or the other-never both. But being able to assign a scientific relation between the two in my opinion can really help advance our knowledge and future findings for this popular question.

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