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It was late November, before Thanksgiving, and I was preparing my dorm room for the coming holiday season. Mariah Carrey was softly singing what she wanted for Christmas, the heat was cranked up to eleven, and my cup of mint tea was lazily rolling steam into the winter air as it steeped. However this picturesque moment was shattered when i realized there was no proper place for string lights to be hung. I continued to attempt at unpacking and untangling the tangled mass of Christmas lights while frantically coming up with ideas to solve this problem.
Could I rope them from bed to bed? No that would be inconvenient and dangerous. Could I put them on the door? No no secrecy was of the utmost importance as my CA was on the hunt for holiday policy violators. could i just leave them plugged in on the floor as a last resort? No no no that simply would not do. I looked around and became interested in a small ledge above the curtains. I saw the potential for a location and was once again filled with hope. Could this be my Christmas miracle?? What came next still amazes me. In a flash of inspiration, I transformed 2 metal pen cap tabs into hanger prongs, slid them underneath the top bar of the curtains, then at long last I hung the lights. In overcoming functional fixedness, I bested the difficulties of dorm life, and came out at the end feeling like a mistletoe Macgyver.
Living in the dorms actually undoes many of the pitfalls of functional fixedness, as every item or small appliance takes on new meaning and purpose. For example I have witnessed a person making a grilled cheese sandwich by turning a toaster on its side then placing a piece of bread and slice of cheese into each slot. And it worked. Beautifully. Being forced to be creative or inventive like this is just one of the hallmark traits of college life. To which it is no surprise when one considers how many fortune 500 companies have been born in college dorm rooms. If you need proof, come find me in T-Hall and we will go watch The Social Network, while enjoying some toaster grilled cheeses.

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