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One of my favorite concepts we covered this semester was that of hypnosis. It wasn't a huge portion of our reading but there were about 3 pages on the topic. Earlier in the year, actually during welcome week I had the opportunity to be hypnotized myself. It was a very cool experience and I can't wait to try it again. When I found out our psych book had a section on hypnosis, I was very intrigued to gain a deeper knowledge on the subject and see if my thoughts and ideas on the topic matched up with the book's. In our book one of the common myths associated with hypnosis is that the people are unaware of their surroundings. I was a believer of this myth until I experienced it for myself. While hypnotized I was aware of the audience and could even make out my friends in the crowd. Another myth that was mention was that hypnotized people forget what happened during hypnosis. I never knew the truth to this statement until I experienced it for myself. I was able to recall every event that took place. Overall this section is a great overview on the topic of hypnosis and is a very interesting read. The facts on hypnosis will for sure stay with me for a long time.

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