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In chapter 5 the book talks about hypnosis and common myths about it. I have always been intrigued by this concept, though I’ve never witnessed it in person. Hypnosis is something I’ve only seen on TV but I had no reason to doubt it. It made sense that somebody could convince me that I am a duck and make me act like one just by waving a watch back and forth and snapping their fingers. I obviously hadn’t put too much thought into it. What it says in the book makes even more sense, that many of these assumptions and images media has put in my head is all made up to amuse me. This just made me think about all the other things that I may “know are real” just because that’s all I’ve known previously.


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In chapter five, the book briefly touches on the concept of sleepwalking. I have always found this concept interesting, though I have never personally been caught sleepwalking, my little sister used to all the time. I can’t wrap my head around the idea of walking and doing things while sleeping. It says that people have been known to drive cars, have sex, and even commit murder all while sleeping! asleep-at-the-wheel.jpg One time my sister was at a sleepover and she got out of bed, went downstairs, put on her friend’s dad’s slippers, and started walking outside. Who knows how far she would have gotten had the dog not started barking when the door opened. She remembers waking up and seeing the slippers on her feet but not knowing how they got there. I never thought that sleepwalking could be something concerning until I read this section and saw how far it can go!

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