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Blog Entry #1 - Chapter 6

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The text in chapter 6 discussed the different ways one is able to learn. I particularly found reading about observational learning quite interesting. Because of my love for kids, I was fascinated to read more in depth how observational learning is their main learning source. Although, I have realize children are not the only ones who emulate this way of learning, I do as well. I recently started a new job serving at a restaurant. Upon starting, my manager did not give me a long list of all that I had to do, instead she required me to shadow an existing waitress to gain knowledge of how she interacts with customers. This allowed me to learn by simply watching someone else operate. In many cases, this is the exact same thing children do. The watch people who surround them such as parents and teachers, and act similarly to them. In the textbook the authors discuss how children are more likely to act aggressively when they are exposed to aggressive role models and or violent media such as movies, TV shows or video games. Children who are surrounded in these types of atmospheres are brought up to believe this is the proper way to act in society. To track this behavior, investigators use a method called longitudinal, where they document a persons behavior over time. Although psychologist cannot fully explain the means of aggression, exposure to aggression growing up is a strong contender.

Here is a photo that visually displays what I just discussed above.

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