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Alzheimer's disease is a devastating form of dementia that hinders brain functioning. There are several risk factors that are correlated with Alzheimer's disease. The first risk factor is that you are older; an interesting myth is that AD is not part of normal aging which many people believe. A second risk factor is if you have a close blood relative that has AD. The third major factor is if you have the gene (APOE). This allele is connected to AD. Some factors that increase your risk but have not been proven are, if you are female, have high blood pressure and have had head trauma.


There are absolutely no cures for AD which is terrible. The goal is to slow progression of AD. The only medications and therapies that are being used right now are to treat the symptoms. Such as Aricept that is used to increase hippocampus functioning so that the patient can have a better chance at remembering information. An interesting fact about Aricept (donepezil) is that it is in the running to start becoming one of the major drugs being used by college students just like Ritalin or Adderall. Aricept can increase "normal" people's memory which can be a clear advantage for taking tests. Before you go run and look for some make sure you look at the side effects. Neuroenhancements can be very dangerous if not taken properly.


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