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Becoming Numb

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Does watching violent movies and playing aggressive video games increase the likelihood of a child to be more angry and aggressive?

My analysis concludes that it may make children more aggressive with the child being completely incompetent in understanding the change. The child believes they are completely normal but they are being taught how violence and aggression is okay subliminally. The shows they watch slowly desensitize them. The desensitization allows the child to look at an issue more abstractly and less morally because some of the basic moral foundations such as the treatment of others and equality has been shaken. I come to this understanding by looking at the rate of crimes and murders that come from children under the age of 18. Juveniles have had a clear increase in deviance across the board and I believe a major contribution is the desensitization of the built in morals we as humans try to instill. Children soak in so much at a younger age why should they be soaking in violence and anger? These two concepts become deeply ingrained and outweigh other concepts because those other concepts are not as relevant in children's shows. The goal we need to set is to make sure that our children have morals that are built on love, equality and friendship so that as they get older and get in power they are perverted by wrong thinking that will not benefit us as a nation.

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