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Just a fad?

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Since the turn of the 21st century, there has emerged a new, exciting branch of psychology called "positive" psychology. The basis of this psychology is that focusing, honing, and changing a person's outlook on life, in a positive way, will make people healthier mentally and physically. Proponents stress that is long as a person has a good outlook on everything, their life will be good. But is this just a fad? Many other psychologists argue that this it is, according to the book, and that it can also hurt some individuals. These psychologists say humans are complex creatures, and there is not just one fix for everybody, because everyone is different. I tend to agree both ways. I think it is always healthier, and better, to have a positive outlook on life. A person is happier, and it seems that people that have this outlook always do better and achieve to their highest potential, while being happy which is the most important part. On the contrary, sometimes having too good of an outlook makes a person unrealistic at times, even to the point of being delusional. Without having a realistic outlook, a person can be living a lie, or very bad things can happen; even if they are happy and think everything is ok. But thanks for reading, hopefully i can get some comments, appreciate it.


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