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Business theorists have found that Western managers are more inclined to rush to decisions compared to managers from Eastern cultures. I believe that the differences in the Western managers can partly be attributed to the way our media sources are structured. For example, many of our popular television stations, such as CNN, ESPN, and CNBC all utilize the scrolling news line at the bottom of the screen which constantly updates us with new information. It causes us to accelerate our thought processes to comprehend all the new headlines our eyes our observing. Reading news articles online, there are always several different links to chose from. No longer do people choose to sit and read a newspaper, taking in stories one at a time. Now a days, we visit one of our favorite websites and browse the headlines and assume we have educated ourselves for the day. The way our information sources are structured have cause our minds to accelerate and assume we have been informed based on a few bits of information.

I also believe we are trained to make quick decisions. I am an intern for an entrepreneurial program where we start out by running our own paint company. When we give our estimates for an exterior paint job, we are trained to 'close hard' on our clients to make the decision to book a job with us that day. It is an extremely sufficient investment to make a decision on within just one hour! But more often times than not, we are able to get the client to give a firm decision that day, just from implementing a few verbal techniques. People in our society are not as conservative as many believe themselves to be.

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