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For this assignment, I reviewed Chapter 16: Psychological and Biological Treatments, which examines and explores a broad range of psychological and biological therapies that are designed to alleviate emotional suffering. One topic this chapter explains is psychosurgery, or brain surgery that treats psychological disorders. I found this topic interesting because I had never heard of psychosurgery before. According to the book, psychosurgery was a popular form of surgery until the 1950s, when reports surfaced that told of patients becoming "dehumanized zombies" after the surgery. Today, psychosurgery is performed as a last resort for people who suffer from severe OCD, depression, and/or bipolar disorder.

I know that if I had one of these conditions, I would choose not to have psychosurgery as I would not want to lose the aspects of my mind that make me human. Instead, I would opt for more traditional treatments such as medication.


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