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What will stick with me

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What shocked me the most were the conformity section and the shock test (Pun intended). Most people would say they are not influenced by others but through these studies, are clearly lying. What's more, the fact that people of authority have more influence than should be necessary. In the shock test, because the guy was wearing a white coat, he was always right. Essentially he got sixty percent of people to "kill" another human being because it was for "a study". That fact alone will stick with me for a while. Some of the people were not even broken up about applying a shock that they knew to be incredibly painful to another person. I guess if I were in that situation, I would really hope that I would not conform and be able to stand up to someone in a situation where I was knowingly harming someone. Another thing that surprised me was how easily people can be manipulated into conforming. The group of people in an elevator all standing in the same direction and causing someone to conform and change their behaviors so quickly was quite frankly astonishing. I think this happens because people do not like to create waves and fitting in to feel more comfortable.

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