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To make up for missing this week's discussion session about research I looked into some current research that is going on in the field of psychology. One thing I thought was very interesting is the current research going on regarding eyewitness misidentifications. The Innocence Project has efforts to prove wrongly convicted prisoners innocent through DNA testing. University of Oklahoma psychology professor Scott Gronlund is conducting research that compares eyewitness identifications of simultaneous and sequential lineups. Scott Gronlund shows mock crime videos to participants who then must pick out the person who committed the crime in a lineup. Groglund believes that simultaneous lineups are more effective in identifying the guilty party. The basis for his opinion lies in the fact that when an eyewitness looks at a simultaneous lineup the eyewitness is able to compare features of the suspects and make decisions based on this. Simultaneous lineups are better at actually identifying someone who committed the crime but sequential lineups are better at protecting an innocent suspect from being accused of the crime. I think that through continued research experiments, Scott Gronlund will be able to develop a better idea of which lineup is better. Both lineups have their advantages but through this research we may be able to decide which lineup type will be more effective in the US court system.

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