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Blog #1- Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 focuses on our memories. What we remember from the past and to what detail we can remember certain things. Research shows that we are often more accurate than you would think. There are several tests confirming that our memory is very powerful and some of the tests taking subjects 17 years into the past.
One of the more interesting parts of this chapter is a true story about a woman and her great memory. She has such an astounding memory that she can remember things that happened 20 years ago with great detail. Someone can ask her what she did on March 17, 1989, and she can tell them precisely what she was doing o that day. Research has shown she is right almost all the time. There is debate if this is a good thing or not. On the positive side she can remember the good things but at the same time she also has to remember and re-live all the negative memories. Personally I would not like this, I think it would be very hard to deal with knowing everything about your past.
The chapter also talks about the three systems of memory. Sensory memory, short-term, and long-term memory. Sensory is closely tied to the raw materials of our experiences. Short-term works with information at hand, transforming it into more meaningful material. Lastly long-term permits us to retain important information for memory that can last a lifetime.

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