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Our body can't pick up outside signals in their pure form but it must receive these signals (perception), encode the external stimulus into an electrical signal (transduction), and finally the brain must interpret the signal. So surprise, surprise, we may be exposed to 10 different external stimuli and only really focus on 3. The others will not be interpreted by the brain at all. This is the essence of inattentional blindness. This adaptation helps me in my life in so many ways. I live in a busy home and the constant hubbub would be detrimental to my schoolwork if I was unable to focus on studying. It is really a terrific phenomenon that occurs when we are able to filter so many stimuli so that we can focus on a tedious task. On the other hand however, we may miss important signals because we are focused on something else. This can prove to be problematic when we have offended those around us by merely forgetting about them when something like a final is taking up most of our attention. This can lead to emotional damage. Although we may have only forgotten, the cognitive theories of emotion show that the emotions of others will be determined only by their mental interpretations. So regardless of the reason, our friend may be severely offended because it appears to them that we simply don't care about them.

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